For the Auto-stop Can Opener, just put it on top of the can. Press the button and it will immediately cut the can and automatically stops when it’s done.

For the Electric Can Opener, put it on top of the can and press the start button. When it’s done, press the button again.

Clean it with a damp towel. Do not submerge or clean under running water or wash in a dishwasher.

Yes it does.

Yes. It works in any can size and shape.

It requires two AA batteries.

KitchenMuh has cooperated with a professional and the most qualified manufacturer in China.


The Auto-stop model stops when it’s done. While the electric can opener model needs to be pressed when it is completed.


Check the battery compartment. Make sure the batteries are in the right polarity and that the cover is securely in place.

The batteries might be drained already. Replace them and try again.

Make sure that it is in the right position on the can. Check the can for any dents or bends on the edges. If there are no problems with the can, restart the can opener. 

Please do not use on cans with curved body. Such as coke & beer.

Some canned food suck in the lid due to moisture. You can manually lift the lid up to open.